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You may wonder why the title of this publication is “NAPS Wake Up Call.” Well the idea came from a friend who stated to me. “EAS employees better wake up and smell the roses!” The Postal Service tends to take advantage of EAS, because they are so busy keeping up with the craft contract and their day-to-day duties and responsibilities they seldom think about their own rights. That is until they are facing a corrective or adverse action.”

This publication is information compiled from the collective references of U S Postal Service Manuals, Letters accumulated from the NAPS Consultative process; minutes from the National NAPS Executive Board meetings, general inquiry responses and articles from the Postal Supervisor Newsletter.

The Wake Up Call is dedicated to all NAPS members and it is my hope that everyone reading this booklet is a member!

Marilyn J. Walton NAPS Western Region


Marilyn’s January Blog 2023

Here's to a bright New Year and a fond farewell to the old; Here's to the things that are yet to come and to the memories that we hold." "Love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all." "Here's a toast to the future, a toast to the past, and a toast to our friends, far and near." Happy New Year 2023

As EAS bid on new assignments be sure to carefully review the bid announcement and understand the position, occupation code and pay scale of the position prior to applying these are the three types of categories that impact most EAS!


Exempt employees- employees who are serving in positions that are exempt from and are not covered by the overtime provisions of FLSA because they are paid on a salary basis and are administrative, professional, or executive personnel (see 444.3 ELM).  These include all employees occupying positions that are classified exempt as indicated in the Organization Management Staffing (OMSS) position directory.

NON- EXEMPT EMPLOYEES – employees who serve in positions that are covered by the overtime provisions of FLSA (see 444.1 ELM), namely all those positions that are not classified as exempt in 434.12a (ELM).  This includes employees serving in nonexempt positions whose rate retention is based on an exempt position

ELIGIBLE FOR FLSA-EXEMPT EAS ADDITIONAL PAY (SPECIAL) FLSA special exempt employees in EAS-18 positions and below are eligible for EAS additional pay if authorized to work over 8.5 hours on a scheduled day or any hours on the nonscheduled day, even while on a temporary assignment such as to an OIC position.  When authorized work exceed 8.5 hours on a scheduled day, EAS additional pay is received for the first half hour as well as for the authorized work over 8.5 hours.  Regular FLSA-exempt employees in EAS-23 positions and below positions except postmasters and officers-in-charge are eligible during the designated Christmas period provided they are authorized to work over 8.5 hours on a scheduled day or any hours on a nonscheduled day and the additional hours are spent directly supervising bargaining unit employees in mail processing or delivery functions.

USPS SECURITY ALERT: NAPS has been briefed that VP Heather Dyer and the Inspection Service have confirmed Postal Service employees are often unknowingly providing their usernames and passwords to criminal websites, while attempting to access PostalEase. Employees & Retirees should be receiving a letter to their mailing address regarding this security alert!  Employees are using Google and attempting to access PostalEase; however, Google in-turn has been redirecting them to criminally run websites that mirror the look and access of PostalEase. (Memo sent out 12-22-22)

Board Memo 042-2022: Decision to NAPS - 2023 Salary Ranges

On December 21, 2022, NAPS requested adjustments to the salary range that better address the severe economic impacts that face USPS EAS.

The Postal Service proposed to modify the 1.5% increase as directed by the August 2021 Pay Decision and apply a 4.1% increase to the salary maximums and increase the salary range minimums by the dollar increase of the respective range maximum.

The entire memo and update pay scale is available on naps.org web site effective date January 14, 2023,

CREDO National Supervisor Symposium – The US Postal Service is sponsoring a Supervisor Symposium for over 8,000 Level 17 Delivery Supervisors from level 22 and above Post Offices nationwide.  The Symposiums will be held in Atlanta Jan 31-Feb 1 & Feb 2-3rd.   Washington DC Feb 7-Feb 8 & Feb 8 -Feb 9th.  Nashville Feb 28-Mar 1 & Mar 2-Mar 3rd.  USPS will be securing the hotels, Supervisors selected to attend will be required to book their travel based on where they are assigned for the training.  NAPS residence officers were invited to attend.  All Supervisors attending need to get familiar with how to submit an eTravel request on Get There. (website). Supervisors should have been contacted and have applied for a government travel card by this past November.


Upcoming Events:

California Postal Legislative Coalition Annual Event - Sunday February 5, 2023, 8:30am 2:00pm Laborers Local 185 Office, 1320 W National Drive, Sacramento CA.   Recommended Hotel Residence In By Marriott Sacramento Airport, 2618 Gateway Oak Drive 95833, 1-888-661-7870 (Limited room block under California Coalition). $20.00 per person

Send to Mary DiGioia, 10414 Felson St, Bellflower CA 90706-7007.   Contact Marilyn at marilynwalton@comcast.net

The Western Region Training Seminar (WRTS) is scheduled to be held at the Ala Moana Hotel on August 10-11, 2023 (Check in on the August 9th).  The hotel has offered room nights at $177 for our stay.  The meeting rate is good for 3 days before and 3 days after. More info to come.  Suites are $309.00 +tax & 349 +tax.  The Registration fee will $275.00 per person if staying at hotel

The WRTS web site for hotel registration will be live in mid-January.


This summer’s heat wave has been a challenge, soon it will be fall and hopefully cooler weather.  Hope you enjoy this month’s Blog.

Marilyn’s August Blog 2023

NAPS National Dues Assessment begins with an increase deduction of $2.00 per active member per pay period. $1.00 per associate member per pay. This assessment was voted by the NAPS National Executive Board and will remain in effect until the NAPS 2024 National convention. The NAPS National Executive Board cannot raise dues. Only the membership can raise dues through voting on a resolution at the National convention. Why an assessment? Impacts from COVID and the increased cost of doing business, NAPS has not had dues increase since 2004.

Board Memo 044-2023: Relief Supervisors - Questions and Responses on Supervisor Relief Jobs: Executive Board, NAPS HQ presented questions to USPS regarding supervisor relief jobs. Below are responses to those questions.

1. What about installations that do not have a 1:5 ratio?

Installations that do not earn a relief position based on the 1:5 ratio will not be authorized a relief position at this time. We are exploring options to provide relief in these offices.

2. Would there be relief supervisors for multiple offices such as an office with 3 SCS and another with 2

SCS for example?

Relief positions are earned at the installation level. Authorizations will be added at the installation head level to increase flexibility and management oversight. It is the discretion of local management which facilities (stations, branches, annexes, etc.) on how to staff with relief supervisors.

3. It is harder to replace a supervisor in a smaller office than in a larger office. Is there any room for

discussion with the Postal Service on this?

Yes, we are open to discussions on providing relief in smaller offices and appreciate your input. We are exploring options and realize that development of a proposal that provides relief across multiple installations, larger geographic areas and management of it can be complex. Development of this proposal may take considerable time to ensure that the additional authorized supervisor positions in those installations is effective and efficient. One example of that complexity is that this could result in a relief position being authorized across an installation therefore, to whom is the administrative manager?

If you have further questions or suggestions, please submit to NAPS HQ to forward to USPS HQ.

APPRENTICE SUPERVISORS: A newly proposed EAS Pilot program that will be presented as a level 16 supervisor. The goal is to eventually eliminate the use of 204B’s. More information to come! NAPS HQ will be working with USPS HQ to monitor this program.

NAPS BRANCH LOCAL ISSUES - Members contact State and National officers regarding individual disputes within a local NAPS branch. All local branches should be conducting business using parliamentary procedures. All contested rulings should attempt to resolve using parliamentary procedures. If you have a dispute about a ruling against you, have a member make a motion on your behalf and another second the motion which will initiate a discussion on your issue. After discussions another vote on the ruling could possibly be voted to overrule the original issue. Discussion is how we clarify, encourage the majority to understand a particular view issue or concern. This is how disputes are resolved within your local branch.

Western Region Training Seminar Update Honolulu HI. There is NO free shuttle service to the Ala Moana Hotel, however there are many Limos, Uber, Taxis, buses that pick up at the airport, check the web site if you want to schedule in advance.

Registration will begin Wednesday August 9th 2:00pm - 6:00 pm. The California State Board will be meeting at 4: 00 pm. The Seminar begins Thursday morning 9:00am. Friday’s session also begins at 9:00am. We are planning two full days of training. The NAPS Auxiliary will also be meeting.

Don’t forget to make your reservations for the Thursday evening Luau which will include a Polynesian show and buffet dinner. This event is $75.00 per person (not included in the registration fee). Please pay in advance. You will pick up your ticket when you get your registration packet.

SPAC Seminar fundraiser, the Western Region team has collected unique great gifts and other items for members to try to win! Looking forward to seeing delegates in Hawaii We hope you will join in the Western Region SPAC Challenge.