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You may wonder why the title of this publication is “NAPS Wake Up Call.” Well the idea came from a friend who stated to me. “EAS employees better wake up and smell the roses!” The Postal Service tends to take advantage of EAS, because they are so busy keeping up with the craft contract and their day-to-day duties and responsibilities they seldom think about their own rights. That is until they are facing a corrective or adverse action.”

This publication is information compiled from the collective references of U S Postal Service Manuals, Letters accumulated from the NAPS Consultative process; minutes from the National NAPS Executive Board meetings, general inquiry responses and articles from the Postal Supervisor Newsletter.

The Wake Up Call is dedicated to all NAPS members and it is my hope that everyone reading this booklet is a member!

Marilyn J. Walton NAPS Western Region


Marilyn’s October Blog 2020

NAPS DCO LIST—NAPS HQ is beginning to receive reports from branch leaders across the country of members being moved to different finance numbers based on organizational changes at USPS, such as EAS positions being shifted to HQ, or many EAS who accepted new positions just prior to the implementation of the EAS freeze. This may cause a member to be moved to a branch such as 135 or 526, or may move a member to a state branch or anotherlocal branch, depending upon what branch that finance number is linked to.

To recapture your members that are impacted by these changes be sure to contact the member and provide a request for exception of Branch Affiliation. This will ensure the member is transferred back to your branch.

Hiring Freeze—Currently there is a hiring freeze on Non-Bargaining employees nationwide. Laterals and Downgrades are permitted if approved. It was also recently discussed that exceptions for filling an EAS vacancy can be requested, NAPS will be contacting USPS HQ to requests critical EAS vacancies be filled.

NAPS Disciplinary Defense Fund (DDF) - The DDF is to be used by active and associate members, including individuals who were members in good standing at the time of retirement. To be eligible for representation through the DDF, fund an active member must meet the following criteria:

(a) the active member must have signed an application for NAPS membership sixty (60) days from the effective date of promotion from the craft or (b) the active member must have been a NAPS member no fewer than ninety (90) days prior to the charge being issued, and c). any additional criteria outlined in the Disciplinary Defense Fund: Procedures and Guidelines for branch Presidents in the NAPS Officer Training Manual.

NAPS Response to Postal Service Affidavits Targeting Local Supervisors & Managers for Mail Delays: In a NAPS HQ memo sent to the field “The National Association of Postal Supervisors is disappointed that top leaders at the US Postal Service, in affidavits filed in federal court on September 11, referred to local USPS supervisors and managers as a reason for the unsuccessful implementation of operations changes that resulted in the delay of mail across the country. NAPS response “ Blaming hardworking front-line postal supervisors and mangers does nothing to improved postal operations or service to the American public. Rather, it hurts the morale of managerial personnel, who deserve clear communication of postal policies and instructions by top USPS officials, together with proper training, coaching, mentoring, and staffing.

Political Mail Task Force—NAPS National has joined with the UPMA and the Unions to support a National Election Mail Task force Team to assist the Postal Service in addressing any issues and concerns that might occur during the acceptance, processing, transporting and delivering of Political mail.

Recently there has been significant national and local media focus on the Postal Service. The general public is concerned regarding USPS’s ability to deliver the increase election mail ballots due to COVID-19 fears of in-person voting. The team members include EAS and Craft union members assigned to Plants and Customer facilities to address any problems that might occur during political mail processing and timely delivery. All of the regular election mail tracking will still be conducted daily including tracking all political mail on Political Mail logs and all Political Mail Stand up talks are given and documented to all employees. The Task force members will meet at the direction of local management to resolve any problems identified to support and ensure the confidence of all Political Mail processed to the customers during this important national election season. All Postal Employees want to protect the Postal Brand. The goal of the National and Local election mail task force will help to accomplish a successful Political mail season!

This is a very important national election year early voting has started in most states. It is recommended that everyone take advantage of early voting particularly if you are planning to vote by mail. If you are planning to vote in person plan your vote. Be prepared for long lines so prepare and bring your patience stay in line and vote!