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NAPS Forms & Documents

Updated 1187 Enrollment Instructions & link to new form.

Plant Staffing - USPS Presentation 6/09/2010

USPS Headquarters Documents

USERRA Training 6/28/2010

FLSA Compliance Memo 4/07


EAS Vacancies

Draft Of Change Of Address Rules

Sex Offender Reporting

EAS Vacancy Files

Arbitrarily Reduced NPA Rating

O.I.G. Interviews

Misuse Of Government Credit Card

Galligan Mystery Shopper Discipline

Political Activity and the Federal Employee

USPS LINK Disclosure Policy

Advance Leave Requests

MSPB Form 185

Updated DDF Request Form - OTM

Brennan Involuntary Reassignment letter

Supervisor Use of Personal Vehicle On-Duty

Supervisor Use of Personal Vehicles

Branch Affiliation Exception Forms (A & B)

Emergency Placement in Off Duty Status

650 Nonbargaining Disciplinary, Grievance, and Appeal Procedures

651 Disciplinary and Emergency Procedures

Investing In Your Career

Final Resolutions to Book One - Constitution & Bylaws Committee

434.3 Sunday Premium

2021 Constitution Bylaws *new*

NAPS form 1187 - Deduction of Dues

NAPS form 1187A - Request for Associate Membership

NAPS member Survey - 2013

Oct 15, 2012-Western Region Notebook: NAPS/USPS EAS Engagement Meeting

Board Memo 059-12

Oct 2012 - NAPS/USPS Discussion-RIF Avoidance Process

Integrated Supervisor Workload System (iSWCS)


Q&A on Compensation, Relocation & Reinstatement Benefits


Payroll Records Retention

Postal Relief Fund Application

SWC's Employee Timeline

SWC's Worksheet

2011-2015 EAS Pay Agreement

ELM 415 Rate Retention and Change to Lower Nonbargaining Unit Grade.docx

ELM 354 2 Assignment of Nonbargaining Unit Employees.docx