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             California State Branch

                  National Association of Postal Supervisors

May 3, 2019

California/Hawaii Bi-State Convention, April 23 – 26, 2019


We just concluded our second California/Hawaii Bi-State convention in beautiful Honolulu HI.

Our festivities began with our usual bowling event on Tuesday afternoon at Aiea Bowl.  Charles Patterson was the top bowler for the event.  After bowling we had a California/Hawaii State meeting with all the affiliated California branches and Hawaii State branch at the Ala Moana Hotel.  

Our NAPS National officers Brian Wagner, President; Ivan Butts, Executive Vice President; Marilyn Walton Western Region Area vice president; Chuck Lum, Pacific Area vice president and immediate past president Louis Atkins attended, answered questions, provided information and participated in the convention.

California State Branch 905

President, Marilyn Jones

Vice President, John Wong

Treasurer, Sally Simpao

Secretary, Bridget Evans

Area Vice President, Mariel Murillo

Area Vice President, Charles Patterson

Area Vice President, Vontina Swygert

Area Vice President, Vacant

Legislative Consultant, Marsha Danzy

Hawaii State Branch 214

President, Laurie Lum

Vice President, Kelii Eberhart

Treasurer, Kanani Alos

Secretary, Wendy Iyoki

Trustee, Lori Kamei

Trustee, Kevin Nakaoka

Trustee, Laroma Parker

Our opening ceremonies included welcomes from Convention Co-Chairs Marilyn Jones, 905 and Chuck Lum 214.  We had the presentation of Colors by the Punahou School. The National anthem was sung by Linda Thomas, Branch 88. The State Anthem of Hawai’i was sung by Kanani Alos Branch 214.

We were welcomed by our Pacific Area Vice President Larry Munoz – Larry let all the attendees know that he has been a dues paying member of NAPS since 1990 and still is!  He sees the value and purpose of NAPS. He’s so thankful and proud of everyone in the Pacific Area.  He said as I look around, there are so many people here in this room, that have touched my life.   He has worked in every district in Pacific Area! God is so good!!! I’m glad to back as your Area Vice President.  I feel so blessed.  I love all you guys.  Pacific Area is doing well.  There’s always room for improvement.  Our Safety Culture used to be the worst; and now look!  Let’s all push SAFETY!  It’s all about the people and that includes you.  Everyone should come to work safe and go home safe.  We have the Safety Ambassadors that can help us.  The Safety Symposium gives us tools.  We need Engagement of all of our employees at every level.  We need to grow our Engagement culture.  And all you retirees, we need you!  We need you to come back and help us.  We have brand new people and they need help!  80% of our HR managers are new!!!  Thank you for what you do and continue to do!

We were also welcomed by Greg Wolney, Hawaii District Manager; Diana Munoz, Senior Plant Manager (A) and also a NAPS member; Kenji Higaki, Postmaster, Honolulu Post Office; Marilyn Walton, Western Region Vice President; Chuck Lum, Pacific Area Vice President; and Patricia Jackson-Kelley, National Auxiliary President to NAPS.


Each year we hold a Memorial service to remember those who have passed away during the past year. Our Memorial Service was led by Patricia Jackson-Kelley, National Auxiliary President to NAPS; Keli’I Eberhart, Branch 214 and John Wong, Branch 905.  Those we lost are listed below:

Name of Deceased.  Branch NAPS   Member/Retiree

Wendy Nunnery      39       Member

Henry Amos         77          Member

Danny “Zane” Maddox       77         Member

Martin Jimenez        88        Member

Robert Wills       88        RETIREE

Rondy Alexander                    127         Member

David Dupart                           127        Member

Daniel Hartnett        127        Member

Viola Rankin                             127        Member

Miriam Salinas        127        Member

William “Bill” Dock                 159        RETIREE

Roy Pagay      159                  Member

Tom Wong       210        RETIREE

Gena Marques                         214                   Member

Lillian Powell                   239          RETIREE

Mary Burkhard      244          Member


Branch 214 wished a Mahalo Nui to the following branches for coffee donations:  39, 197, 266, and 159.

Parliamentarian Dorothea Bradley conducted First Timers Training along with the California State Board and welcomed all First Timers. Branch 905 updated the First Timers booklet (originally prepared by Dorothea Bradley, Marilyn Walton and other 905 officers) and presented a copy to each one of our 6 First Timers:

Jackie Robinson, Branch 39

Don Engkgist, Branch 77

Freddie Jordan, Branch 77

Lelton Gibson, Branch 88

Sarah Stiles, Branch 244

Patrick Johnson, Branch 266

Our business meetings included a presentation given by Inspector in Charge Rafael Nunez, U.S. Postal Inspection Service. Their job duties include support and protect USPS employees; infrastructures and customers.  They investigate Mail theft; violent crimes; dangerous mailings; prohibited mailings; financial crimes; mail fraud; and senior victims of mail fraud/scams.

Training was given on Involuntary Reassignments by John Aceves, NAPS former national officer.

Marilyn Walton gave a presentation that included Legislation and updates; story of the California coalition from its inception to the present; NAPS podcasts; reminder to always VOTE POSTAL! to STAY WOKE!

Chuck Lum talked about membership and his plans to increase membership in the Pacific Area. We have 1096 non-members in the Pacific Area.  NAPS Headquarters has membership packets we can use to connect with non-members.

We reviewed and resolved resolutions from the Constitution& By-Laws Committee; Resolutions Committee and Formal Committees.  

Marsha Danzy challenged the convention to raise $6000 for SPAC.  She not only met but surpassed her goal collecting over $8564!

We also held elections for the Branch 905 Officers.  Our Branch 905 California State Board officers for 2019 – 2021 are:

President, Marilyn Jones -- uncontested

Vice President, John Wong -- uncontested

Treasurer, Sally Simpao -- uncontested

Secretary, Bridget Evans -- uncontested

Area Vice President, Stephnia Campbell -- WELCOME TO THE BOARD!

Area Vice President, Mariel Murillo – re-elected

Area Vice President, Ralph Petty -- WELCOME TO THE BOARD!

Area Vice President, Vontina Swygert – re-elected

Legislative Consultant, April Trevena -- WELCOME TO THE BOARD!

We wish to thank Charles Patterson and Marsha Danzy for their years of service, support, dedication and assistance to NAPS California State Branch 905 and all California NAPS members!

We wish to thank all of the delegates, National Officers, auxiliary, sponsors, guests and friends of NAPS!

Hope to see you at the 2020 California State Convention in San Francisco CA hosted by

San Francisco NAPS Branch 88!!!

Bridget Evans

NAPS California State Secretary